Welcome to Dragon Creek

We have an ordinary creek near our home. It is not very big. It is not very special. Except for one thing – dragons. Yup that’s right. Dragons live there. There are all sorts of them down there. Big ones, little ones, some that live in the trees,

some that live in the water. And if you are not careful you might be chased by the ones who live in the swamps. Most people around our town probably don’t even know it has a name. It does. But, we never call it by the name those in our town gave it. We call it by it’s real name. We call it Dragon Creek.

Dragon Creek is a place of excitement for my family and friends. It is a place of wonder. It is a place my kids get excited about.  It is a place of life and movement and excitement. But to be honest, it’s not even that great of a creek. It is a place where my brother tracks wildlife. It is a place where we exercise, walk, talk, and get outside. What makes Dragon Creek a place of profound mystery and excitement is the fact that we have stopped and made it a big deal. We have made memories there. We have made stories there. We have shared picnics and walks there. We have explored the creeks, the fields, and the cliffs (hillsides actually but cliffs sound more dangerous). In this place where ordinary and extraordinary intersect we all get to have fun. We all get to be kids.

Our hope for this website is that it will be a place that connects you to the wonder and wildness of our world. We want this to be a place where ordinary and extraordinary intersect. We want you to stop and enjoy.

Welcome to the Dragon Creek.

Meet the Merry Band of Adventurers