Two Base Kickball

We like to play Two-base Kick Ball.
The following are the rules:
  • The kids must always be on the same team. Only one parent is allowed to be on the opposing team. Another parent can watch and cheer but cannot be allowed to play. It’s only fair.
  • Along with home plate (usually a pom pom), there should also be another base (a t-shirt works well) about 40 feet away towards the playing field.
  • Any ball is fine. However, a rubber kickball/dodgeball works best.
  • The lone parent kicks first and must stand behind the pom pom until the ball is rolled.
  • Once the ball is kicked, the kicker must run to the t-shirt.
  • Baseball rules apply. Two runners cannot occupy the base at the same time. Force outs work, but it is usually more effective to throw the ball and hit the runner to record an out.
Here’s where the rules get dicey:
  • The lone parent gets only one out to play with. Kids get three outs.
  • Since the parent has no teammate, he/she must kick a home-run every single time.
  • Foul balls apply when parent is kicking. When kids are kicking, fouls hardly ever apply.
  • Standard games last three innings, unless the parent is winning. In that case, the game could last five innings or even seven innings.


  • This game works well with any type of yard.
  • If there is a swing set or slide nearby, plan on at least one kid walking away from the game in the middle of an inning, John Kruk style.
  • Short kids that are running home are difficult to hit if the ball is thrown fast from the outfield. From a long distance, a strong underhand roll is usually more effective at getting them out (and accidentally tripping them).
  • As kids get older, it becomes more difficult to beat them. Remember to keep your composure.

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