The Slugs & Bugs Show Release

If you have not heard, Randall Goodgame and Slugs & Bugs made a TV show. It’s good.

My kids and I sat down and watched the first three episodes. They were good. I enjoyed them. I know my kids enjoyed them as well. It was evident from the chorus of “Can we watch another one?” after the conclusion of each episode.

They loved the songs. They loved the playfulness of the puppets. They loved the jokes.

The pacing is perfect. Sometimes, kids shows can be a bit frenetic. Which was always  complaint of Fred Rogers, thus, the slow deliberate pacing of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. In the same vein, The Slugs & Bugs Show has a deliberate pacing. This does not make the show boring at all, but serves the audience to draw them into the story. Your brain is allowed time to think and concentrate on dialogue, storyline, songs, and jokes.

From what I have seen of Randall Goodgame, he is very deliberate with everything he does. Especially when it comes to children. He wants them to understand big things, whether it is the importance of scripture, concepts of adoption, or collaboration. He also believes that children can understand big concepts and he is not afraid to engage them with concepts sometimes deemed beyond children’s ability to grasp.

The new team of Sparky the Lightening Bug, Doug the Slug, and Morty and Maggie Raccoon are incredible. Their personalities shine and the puppeteering is wonderful and masterful. The writing on the show is fantastic, and the guests are fun. We cannot wait to see more.

You and your family will enjoy this show. Check it out here, along with other great content.

A big thanks to Slugs & Bugs for continuing to make good content for families and children.

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