The Slugs & Bugs Show Release

If you have not heard, Randall Goodgame and Slugs & Bugs made a TV show. It's good. My kids and I sat down and watched the first three episodes. They were good. I enjoyed them. I know my kids enjoyed them as well. It was evident from the chorus of "Can we watch another one?" … Continue reading The Slugs & Bugs Show Release

The Noises that Boyses Make

“Be on your best behavior,” I said to my boys. “Our guest will soon be here. Absolutely no noise!” DING DONG! Someone’s at the front door “She’s here,” I say. “Our neighbor, Mrs. Greeley. Run along. Be quiet. Go play.” The boys ran off to the back room. They listened to me! “Mrs. Greeley, come … Continue reading The Noises that Boyses Make