Run Around the Table

  • Materials Required:
    • Somewhere to play – It can be indoors or outdoors
    • A large object – This can be a real table or an imaginary table. It needs to be big enough to run around. A table, a picnic table, a swing set, a cow. If it is big enough to run around it will work.
  • Number of Players:
    • 2 or more – You will need a chaser and someone to chase, unless you feel like just running around the table.
  • Time Required:
    • Each round may last a few minutes. You can play several rounds until you get tired or dizzy.

How Do You Play Run Around the Table?
We like to play Run Around The Table, which can be played indoors or outdoors by running around a large object. Everyone is evenly spread out around the table or object and one person is “it.”

Then everyone runs in the same direction while the it tries to gain on the others and tag someone. Once that happens, the person tagged is the new “it” and the game starts over. Surprisingly, the table is a great equalizer. A very fast adult will have difficulty catching a spry, low-to-the-ground 5 year old because they can make the turns much more quickly. With a longer table and a longer straight-away, an adult has better odds. Another great benefit of a table is that you can see everyone the entire game, so the anticipation builds.

The name could use some work, perhaps, but at least you know what you’re getting into if you’re invited to play.

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