Iceball Freeze Tag

If Freeze Tag is a variation of the classic Tag Game, then Iceball Freeze Tag is a variation of Freeze Tag.  In Freeze Tag, a person is frozen if “It” tags them with their hand. In Iceball Freeze Tag, you are tagged out if you are hit by “It” with a very special Iceball. Teammates of the frozen person can unfreeze their teammates by tagging them with their torch hands.

  • Materials Required:
    • Somewhere to play – A large outdoor area. You can play in a large open field or you can play in a yard full of swing sets, bushes, and trampolines for places to hide. You can play on asphalt or on the dirt. You can play anywhere you like. But you probably should not play inside. That might get a little dangerous. And you might break something.
    • A ball – It should be safe enough to throw at someone and hit them without seriously hurting them.
  • Number of Players:
    • 3 or more. The more people you add, the more “Its” and Iceballs you should add.
  • Time Required:
    • About 20 minutes or until you get tired. Games can last for a very long time if you do not add more “Its” and multiple Ice Balls.

How Do You Play Iceball Freeze Tag?

To play Iceball Freeze Tag, begin by choosing a person(s) to be “It.”  The person who is “It” is the player who can “freeze” other players by hitting them with an Ice Ball.  When the game begins, “It” counts to a number (perhaps 10 with little kids, even longer with older one). During the counting, everyone runs away from the person who is “It.”  You have the option of hiding from “It” or just running. “It” chases after other players, trying to hit them with the Ice Ball.  If a person is hit with the Ice Ball, he or she is “frozen” and must stay in place (still and not moving).  If a person is “frozen,” he or she cannot move until another player un-freezes them by touching them. Play continues until all players are “frozen.”

The “It” wins by freezing all players. The first person frozen when all players become frozen will the be “It” for the next round.

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