Do This, Do That

Do This, Do That is a game similar to Simon Says.

  • Materials Required:
    • A leader – This person will call out actions
    • A group of people – This game can be played with a large group of people or a small group. It is great for all ages from 4 to 104.
  • Time Required:
    • Games usually last five to ten minutes – This depends on how old the group of people is.

How Do You Play Do This, Do That?
There are simply two rules for this game. If the leader says “Do this” then you do what ever action he is doing. If the leader says “Do that” then you do not do whatever action he is doing.

The leader will stand in front of the group doing no action. The leader will call out either “Do This” or Do That” and follow the call with an action. The actions can be simple or goofy. If the leader calls out “Do This” and follows it with an action, the group must imitate the leader. If the leader calls out “Do that” and follows it with and action the group should not imitate the action. If an action is imitated on a “Do That” call, then the group member who imitated the action must sit out.

I have found it work best with simple actions such as raise arms or lowering arms or putting arms out to the side. The crazier or more difficult the action, the slower the game will go. Fast paced games work best and are more intense.

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