Thankful This Thursday

Here are some little things we are thankful for this week. What are you thankful for?



170 wins, 75 losses, a 2.97 ERA, 2 Cy Young awards, 63 complete games, and a 4x league leader in innings pitched are just some of the highlights of a Hall of Fame-worthy baseball career. One night in 2010, he pitched a no-hitter in the NL Division Series by throwing only 104 pitches and striking out 8. He allowed only one walk, which kept it from being a perfect game.

These statistics are staggering, but for those that knew Roy Halladay, they were not surprising. Halladay’s preparation is what set him apart from others. The work he put in between starts is what propelled him to a great career. The humility he showed throughout his career and even afterwards made him popular with teammates and the community.

Preparation, hard work, and humility. I’m thankful for professional athletes like Halladay that model these characteristics.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMost days I am frustrated with my kids’ discriminating palates. Not that mine is most sophisticated. I just want them to try most foods we eat.

But, this week, I have been very grateful for their discriminating palates. While they like sweets, they do not like them all. So, this week I am thankful for Peanut M & M’s, Snickers, and Butterfingers. It’s the little things right?


image1.JPGI usually wake up first, a little before 5:00 to go exercise. My wife Sydney gets up for her daily bible study and cup of coffee around 6:30. Donna, our daughter, is up between 7:00 and 7:30 most days, and for me, it’s the best part of the morning. I pick her up and find her preferred stuffed animals, and we have some daddy/daughter playtime before we go looking for mommy. She’s usually finishing her bible study when we come out to find her, and Donna nestles in beside her on the couch for family snuggles.

Before long, it’s time to get dressed and headed to work, but I’m so thankful for family time in the morning.

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