Thankful this Thursday (11/23)


I have a standing appointment every Tuesday evening with two Mormon missionaries. My wife and I have been sitting down and meeting with these young men for nearly two years now on a weekly basis to talk about our beliefs and listen to theirs. Let me be clear, I have no intention of leaving the church or converting to Mormonism. I enjoy sitting with these young men because it affords me the opportunity to think critically about my beliefs, to study God’s word (the Old and New Testaments, not The Book of Mormon), and to present the case for my faith to people who don’t agree with me. Also, the Mormons are always very polite.

I am so thankful that we have the Bible as an enduring record of God’s faithfulness. Generation after generation of believers have been strengthened and upheld by the words within, and I am grateful to have it in my hands. I am thankful for the teachers I have had in my life over the years who helped me to understand the importance and the truth of the Bible. And I’m thankful that once a week, I am able to share it with two young men who don’t understand it the way that I do.


06-08_toyota_yarisI am thankful that in 2008, Toyota reached the pinnacle of engineering and sophistication in manufacturing the Toyota Yaris. No vehicle before or since compares to the Yaris.

I am thankful for blue shirts. Without blue shirts, I wouldn’t have any shirts. That would be uncomfortable.

Also I am thankful for bicycles, kayaks, scooters, and nearly every means of self-propulsion.


I am thankful for Moleskine Cahier Squared Notebooks. It is how I keep a to do list. I don’t know if it would work for everyone, but it works for me.

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