5 Reasons to Feed Your Kids Chocolate

Have you ever read parenting posts that tell you all the things you should be doing and all the things you are doing wrong? If you don’t follow 65 steps to make your kids sleep at night you will end up with a demon possessed child who hates you and ruins everyone’s life. Newsflash: Even if you follow 65 steps, your kid is still going to act demon-possessed and ruin everyone’s life (at least for a few hours every now and then).

Have you ever been overwhelmed with life hacks post that help you get your laundry organized in 16 quick easy steps? Made it through the first 3 and I still have laundry on my floor. Life hack fail.

Have you ever put essential oils on your forehead to help you think more clearly about gardening while you are sipping lattes? I don’t know if that last one is a thing, but if it is more power to you. I once tried to put essential fish oil on my child’s head and let them cry themselves to sleep in the laundry room. But, that did not work either.

I am not saying all these posts for parenting tips, life hacks, and essential oil power messages are bad. Some of them have been very helpful. But, some of them can be completely overwhelming and make me feel like I am a complete waste of a person. I started making my own lists to make me feel better. And, if you read them you may not think so bad of yourself either. You’re welcome.

I am throwing my hat in the ring and doing a “5 Reasons” post. Here are some completely arbitrary and unscientific reasons why you should feed your kids chocolate.


1 – It tastes super yummy. Chocolate is good. You know you want to eat some, too. Avoid the shame of eating chocolate alone in your bed at night trying to hide from your kids. You might as well share a moment with you kid. bite into a Snickers or a Reese’s cup. Things are better together right.

2 – Kids love it. Have you ever felt like a complete failure when trying to get your kids to eat anything? I have. So give them a piece of chocolate and then you can double fist-pump for successfully feeding your kid some type of food.

3 – It brings smiles. Everybody loves smiling. Smiling is favorite. You should let your kids smile once in a while. Let them have a piece of chocolate, mix it with love, and make the world taste good.

4 – Life’s to short not to eat chocolate. Things in this world are meant to be enjoyed. Now should you let your kid eat chocolate for supper everyday? No, absolutely not. But will one meal of chocolate out of a thousand really change their life forever? I don’t think so.

5 – See reasons 1-4. 

There you have it. Completely arbitrary and unsolicited parenting advice. Enjoy your candy bar.

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